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Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
8th -12th May 2022

Beware of fraudulent calls/emails regarding hotel bookings

Dear participants:

Please book Hotels either at well-recognized webpages like or or at the official websites of the Hotels located in San Sebastian. They all have websites in English.

Beware of fraudulent calls or emails offering to book Hotels for you. Invited speakers have received calls and emails indicating that they are from the organizing committee (not true, we have never done that) offering to book Hotels. In addition, a company has phoned several invited speakers to try to make them book Hotels through them.

We are looking forward to seeing you in San Sebastián next May.

We are working on the first circular of the GEP-SLAP2022 and we will update the webpage with new important dates and fees for the conference in two weeks.

The Organizing Committee


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