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943 506 061 info@gep-slap2020.eu
Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
9th-13thMay 2021

Daniel Taton

Daniel Taton leads a research team at the Laboratory of Chemistry of Organic Polymers (LCPO); http://www.lcpo.fr/1-polymerization-catalyses-engineering

His research topics focus both on « catalysis of polymerization » and « macromolecular engineering for catalysis ». He is interested -mainly, but not exclusively- in the use of N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs) for organocatalyzed polymerization reactions, as a means to access to a variety of metal-free polymers. In connection with these activities, his team has been also developing miscellaneous polymeric supports, derived from ionic liquids based on imidazolium groups and featuring "non-innocent" counter-anions, which are recyclable, easy to handle and providing a unique catalytic activity. These polymer supports can then be used both for organic catalysis (benzoin condensation, transesterification) and organometallic reactions (Heck, Suzuki couplings), including in an aqueous environment.