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943 506 061 info@gep-slap2020.eu
Donostia-San Sebastián, España
8 -12 Mayo 2022

Yuri Reyes

I am a Chemical Engineer (2001) and Ph. D. in Engineering from the National University of Mexico (UNAM, 2007), under the supervision of Prof. Yurko Duda, with a thesis related to the simulation of the film formation process from colloidal dispersions. I did a postdoctoral research stay at the Mexican Petroleum Institute. At the Institute for Polymeric Materials (POLYMAT) of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) many research projects were developed with Prof. Jose Maria Asua, and then with Prof. Jose Ramon Leiza. These projects were related to the modeling and simulation (mainly using stochastic methodologies) of emulsion and miniemulsion polymerization, morphology of polymeric and hybrid particles, crosslinked polymers and controlled radical polymerizations; as well as the synthesis, characterization and application of hybrid nanocomposites dispersed in water (polymers with clays, silica, nanoparticles, etc.) I have the expertise in the development and evaluation of anticorrosive coatings by electrochemical methods, focused in high performance waterborne coatings. I have many contributions about thermodynamic properties of colloidal dispersions and fluids studied by molecular simulation, Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics. I have directed graduate thesis and final projects of undergraduate students, and I have collaborated in two book chapters, a patent registered in many countries, and with around 50 publications in indexed journals. I am a member of the National Research System (CONACyT-México) from 2009, with the distinction Researcher Level II.